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Dianne Keaton


There's a really funny scene in the film Something's Gotta Give where Diane Keaton's character is going to bed with Jack Nicholson's character for the first time.  They're very excited and she can't get her trademark white turtleneck sweater off fast enough, so he takes a scissors and cuts it off her.  For that scene I made 28 of the same sweater.  It was done in a 1x1 Rib using a Silk/Cotton Yarn from Silk City Fibers.  The fronts were 2 separate pieces.  For the first take, the sweater was whole, the fronts sewn together loosely.  For the next take there was a 1 inch slit, for the next take a 2 inch slit, and so on so once all the takes were edited together it looked like he had cut it all at once.  I chose the rib stitch so it would easier to hide the seam so it wouldn't show.  It worked well and was fun to see it in the movie. 

That's show business!


Mouse hunt mousehunt




Here I was presented with a huge challenge.  They needed a knitted suit that would not look like it was knitted, but with the pull of one string it would have to unravel.  Along with it would be a knitted vest and a knitted tie.  For the suit I chose 2 very, very fine Marino wools from Silk city Fibers in black and charcoal.  I knit them together so it looked like tweed.  For the vest and tie I chose a heavier, but still soft, light gray wool.  The problem was, as all knitters know, knitting unravels from the top and this was to unravel from the bottom.  IT HAD TO BE KNITTED UPSIDE DOWN. All of it.  The Pants,  the jacket with pockets and lapels, the sweater and the tie.  AND THERE HAD TO BE 4 SETS.  By some miracle it got done and it really didn't look like a knitted suit….until it started unraveling.  It was fun to be on the set the day they did it and watch it all come apart. 

That's show business!